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    Reporting incorrect information


      I've encountered a very bizarre problem when trying to generate a query or reports.  I'm trying to generate a report to display all machines which has 256MB of RAM.  We are hoping to use this report to determine how many memory sticks we will need to upgrade all our machines to 512MB.


      In the query or report I have the following:

      Computer.Memory.Physical.Bytes Total < 515060 KB

      AND computer = OptiPlex GX110

      AND computer = OptiPlex GX260


      What's returned is machines that have 256MB but also machines with more then 512MB.  This is very bizarre, has anyone ever encounter this problem?  Are there any quick fix?


      In the CANNED reports, there is one reported "Memory Upgrade", I can't edit this or copy and modify it to suite my needs.  I'm trying to duplicate this report, but the above issue is not making this easy.




      LDMS 8.8 SP2