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    Core Server Doesn't Recognize NetBios Name


      Good morning,


      We just upgrade our Landesk server from 8.7 SP5 to 8.8 SP2 and some of our packages are pointing to an old server name which we have created a CNAME for.  8.8 SP2 doesn't recognize it.  We get an error 'Failed to download all additional files for a package'


      The CNAME works because we can manually type in the path and run the package.   Any ideas?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This sounds like it will be permissions related.  How as permission set before?  did you have null session shares set, did you have the computer account set to have rights, or did you have preferred package servers set up with access credentials.


          It might work if you manually launch, but LANDesk is launching under local system account and therefore the rights need to be different.



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