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    Reimage macs & save SLM data


      Aloha all,


      I'm trying to figure out how to save our SLM data on the clients when we reimage them.  I believe if we use LD to reimage our macs, this information is saved.  However, we don't have a situation where we can always reimage our computers on the network.  Instead, we normally use external HDs to reimage on the fly as needed.


      We just started using the SLM piece of LD, and noticed that when we reimage a computer, the SLM data for that computer is reset to what was on the image.  Of course, this makes our SLM data inaccurate.


      So, what files do we need to backup prior to reimaging in order to maintain the integrity of our SLM data?  Do I only need to backup:



      /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data/


      We are currently using LD 8.8 SP1 and running Mac OS 10.5.x




      - Keith

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          Although I haven't specifically tried to do this, it does look like your onthe right track. The com.landesk.uuid file cotains the unique device ID that would be needed for the machine to not get duplicated in the database. And the /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/data/slmdata.plist appears to contain the SLM usage data.


          Depending on what you use for imaging, you may be able to automate this a bit. For instance, if you use NetRestore, you could have a pre-action script that copies those files somewhere, then a post-action script that puts them back after it has been imaged. NetRestore has some example scripts that are intended to backup and restore user data but those should be able to be changed for the specific files you want to move over.

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            Patrick is correct the SLM data is stored in /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/data/slmdata.plist