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      A V-Pro machine keeps on going to the System Defense Remediation. How can I remove it from it?

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          What version and patch level is your environment running? Make sure you apply the latest service pack.There was a problem with 8.8 (unpatched) that was causing machines to go into the System Defense Remediation queue. SP1 fixed that issue and this fix is also included in SP2.


          The issue is briefly described in this patchlist (id 5830):




          If you want to manually remove the machine from this queue, you can go to Configure > Intel vPro options > System Defense Remediation. From there, highlight the machine and click on the "Remediate" button.




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            I am running 8.8 SP2.


            When I tried to remove the system from remediation it was not able to do so. I had to disable it from the BIOS, once I disabled it from the BIOS I was able to manage the machine again.


            I am currently testing this technology so I just currently have one machine on my test lab.


            Last week I was able to remove the system from the remediation queue but after a couple of hours later, if the system was not touched; the system went back to the queue.


            What makes the system to go to the remediation queue?

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              I am seeing the same issue here.  I have about 17 devices in the Remediation queue and cannot get them to go away.


              I have had instances where the System Defense applies a policy to turn off the NIC even through no policies have been enabled in LANDesk.


              I have used the Intel AMT Developer Toolkit utilities to connect to the Device and disable the policies to get the device back on the network.


              Why is this happening?  It is very frustating.


              I opened a call with LANDesk and it has been something that some people have seen, and the fix is to make sure that the AMT Firmware is up to date and then pull the battery and reprovision the device.  Some of my devices are in remote offices and that is not an option.

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                Same thing happen to me. I had to disable it in order to kanage the computer again.


                Hopefully they are looking into it.