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    Schedule a scan on a remote agent


      How do you schedule a scan on a remote agent  for deployment through the managemant gateway?


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The only way to hit a gateway client is through policies.  assuming by scan you mean an inventory scan, then pronbably the easiest way is to do this by creating a batch file to run the scanner and setting it as a one time policy for that client.


          The issue with this is you can't say when exactly for it to run, you will be forced to wait until whenever the client itself checks in for policies.  If you are looking to get this client to check in more frequently then consider additing this as a locally scheduled task.


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            Thaks for your responce,.

            I am looking for a way to update remote agent with security/windows patches without having to remote control to the agent or my user having to use the software protal.

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup



              You can create a Software Dist. Package of your agent (right click on the agent, create a self contained .exe, put it on a DFS share and then makea Dist. package, and create a policy task to have it be installed.