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    Unable to Load WinPE


      I'm trying to capture an image and started having a new issue.  After I select WinPE I get the Boot Server IP, then WinPE never loads.   On one of my boxes it says FileSize = 9216  bufsize = 547840,  but it doesn't go anywhere else.  So far I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the PXE agent and also Uninstalling the PXE agent then uninstalling and reinstalling the LanDesk Agent then reinstalling the PXE Agent.

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          Couple of questions back.

          1. What version of management suite are you on?

          2. Have you been able to PXE boot into WinPE before?


          There are a couple of things that you can check.


          1.  Does your pxe rep have the correct ports opened up?  You'll need UDP 68, 69, 4011 excluded from any firewall fun.

          2.  Does the machine that you are trying to image have sufficient ram?  You'll need at least 256 MB for the boot image to load up properly.


          From your description however it just sounds like connectivity between the proxy and the client computer.




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            1. We are running8.8 SP2

            2. It was working earlier this week


            Things Checked

            1.  The firewall on the PXE rep is disabled.

            2.  The box that I'm trying to get into WinPE has 1GB of Ram and I have been able to get into WinPe with it in the past (my test\imaging box).

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              Well that's an odd one. 


              Is the inventory service on the core running?

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                The inventory Service is definitely running on the core.  We are finally upgrading all our clients from 8.6 and have added around 1000 new clients to the 8.8 core today.

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                  In addition to checking the settings on the PXE Rep firewall, verify that nothing has changed on the networking side of your environment, such as Layer 3 switches or routers.  Even though a machine is on the same subnet as the PXE Rep, there still may be some filtering going on.


                  You had mentioned that you are trying to capture an image and on one machine you received the buffer error.  Is this same behavior occurring on multiple machines or just the one?


                  Verify that the LANDesk PXE MTFTP service is running on the PXE Rep as well.  This is the service that the client is trying to communicate when downloading he ramdisk.


                  You may need to run a Wireshark capture to identify any potential communications issues to the PXE Rep as well.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    We opened a support case and after a few days of troubleshooting found that our Startrom file had been corrupted.  Updated the file and I am able to launch WinPE again.  Thanks for  the help everyone.