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    Imaging Dell Latitude E6500


      We just received our first in the E-Series of latitudes, E6500. I have no problems at all PXE booting, with the exception of a blank PXE menu which was resolved by adding a ldsleep line to the startnet.cmd file.


      My issue is when I choose the appropriate script, nothing happens. I look on the core at the corresponding logfile and find the following entry.

      "(OFF) 002170BCB658","OFF","N/A","0:00:00","11/14/2008 3:07:34 PM","11/14/2008 3:07:34 PM","N/A"
      ; "Job Complete","0 Done","0 Failed","1 Off","0 Unknown"


      I've followed the article http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3473 from top to bottom with no avail.


      I am able to open a DOS prompt, map the needed drive and manually launch ghost32.exe to create my image.  But why does the server see the machine as off? I've verified the certs within the image, the server can ping the laptop OK, there's no funky DNS problems. I've even created a DHCP exception for this laptops MAC address and a static DNS entry to rule out any issues with naming.


      Oh, and it's LDMS




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          Do you have any other machines in your inventory with the same MAC address?  You mentioned that this is a new machine, so I am assuming that there is not, but you may have created a machine record with csvimport and I want to make sure.


          If you look at the log file you presented, LDMS is targeting this machine record:




          Is this the desired machine record, or did you import another record?


          If this is the correct record, make sure that the inventory shows the correc ip address and then when you highlight this machine in the console, it displays the "On" indicator (the little binoculars to the right of the machine name).


          If the ip address is not correct, then there may be an issue with the inventory service correctly processing the miniscans coming in from the taget machine.

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            Hi Watticus,


            No other machines in my inventory have that MAC address. During troubleshooting I did manually add the record to the inventory, so the MAC address in the logfile is pointing to the correct machine. I also went as far as setting a DHCP reservation for that MAC address and included the reserved IP in the inventory record. Just to rule out DHCP confusion.


            That being said, the inventory record that I created did show the binoculars in the console. Hence my being stumped


            I also check the custjob settings to make sure it was using TCP and UPD as well as lengthening the timeout period, just incase.