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    PXE boot to scripted Windows XP install based on serialnumber


      With help of the best known methode document and the downloadable scripts I've created a working OSD enviroment.

      (We use LD8.8 with SP2)

      Now there is a thing I would like to see working also.


      When we get a new shipment of computers from Dell we get a shipping list with all serialnumbers (the service tags)
      I can add them (the serialnumbers)  to the Bare Metal Server list so they are known by LANDesk.
      Then I create a task for deploying the OS based on a scripted XP installation.
      Adding the computers from the bare metal list and running the task does not result in an installation of Windows.
      It just starts as if there is no task at all. (the PXE...the F8 menu and then the list of provisioning templates)
      When I do the same except for using serial numbers I use the MAC address it works fine.
      But these MAC addresses are not provided by Dell and therefor not the most ideal way to automate the process.
      I think it should be possible to start the task based on the Serialnumber, anyone who can help ?