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    Failed to download all additional files LD 8.8 SP2


      When i try to install a program it fails with "failed to download all additional files for package" or "Failed to download and hash all additional files"


      Downloading file (Oxj3EatA/gRrCDuF9z7ohQ==, 5)
      Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:50:50 Downloading file 9 of 9 from ''
      Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:50:50 Checking recently used server path instead of
      Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:50:50 Path was redirected to
      Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:50:50 ..\AdditionalFiles.cpp(277): (8DAC4027): Failed to download and hash all additional files
      Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:50:50 processing of package is complete, result -1918091226 (0x8dac4026 - code 16422)


      If i check the client, all files are being download correctly accept for the .msi file, the msi file has a size of 1 KB.


      In IIS the MIME settings are correctly configured.


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?

      Not only this package has the problem, it doesn't matter if it's HTTP UNC, not even the delivery method.


      We didn't have the problem before upgrading to 8.8 SP2 previously we used 8.7 SP3

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          Launching a software distribution task results in the following error:


          Failed to download and hash all additional files


          Failed to download all additional files for a package


          Error: No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.


          There are several possible causes:
          1. The scheduler service on the core does not have access to the package files where they are stored on the network, so it cannot calculate the hash and without the hashes it cannot generate the taskmanifest file.
          2. The file being downloaded is not an allowed MIME type.
          3. The file being downloaded is on a web share but the file is marked as a hidden file.
          4. The path to the files in the distribution package is using a "c:\program files\path" format. This is incorrect, it must be a UNC or an HTTP path.
          5. The database hash entry for a file in the Distribution Package does not not match the actual hash of the file.
          6. Files specified in the distribution package do not exist or cannot be found. This is common if using the auto detect feature in MSI distribution packages as the MSI may think it needs a file that does not exist.
          7. If the package is being hosted on a workstation, then the number of remote connections to the workstation may be exceeded.
          8. The taskmanifest file is being generated with an incorrect Core server name or IP address.
          9. The scheduler account is locked out or unable to authenticate.


          1. If using a UNC share, verify that the Scheduler Server account is running with credentials that can access the Distribution Package.

          2. If using a web share, verify that the web share is configured for Anonymous access and that the IUSR_ServerName account has read permissions on all files. Also make sure that Directory Browsing is enabled on the share.

          3. If using a Web Share, verify all files in the distribution package exist and are not hidden.

          4. Reset the package hash.  To do this do the following from the LANDesk Console:
            1. Go to Tools | Distribution | Distribution Packages. 
            3. Right click on the Distribution Package and choose Reset package hash.
          5. Use different credentials for the scheduler service, or modify the share and file permissions so the account that launches the scheduler service will have access.

          6. Verify that the MIME types are allowed by IIS.  To do this:
            1. open the IIS administration tool on the core. 
            3. Choose Default web site properties | HTTP Headers | MIME Types | add the following MIME type: 
                 Extension:   .* 
                 MIME type:   All file types
          7. Change the source path to the files from a UNC Share to a Web Share.

          8. If the core server is in a different AD domain, add the full domain name in the properties of the package under the package location. For example:


          9. Add the Domain Computers group to the security tab of the share..

          10. Create a new Delivery Method, and uncheck the Bandwidth Throttling option.  Test using the new Delivery Method.

          11. If the taskmanifest file in the ldlogon\Filelists folder does not contain the correct Core server name or ip address see GURU 47359 for a resolution.

          12. View the scheduledtaskhandler_[taskid].log for available in \[coreserver]\ldlog. This will tell you what files the package is having issues hashing or downloading.

          13. Unlock the account used for the Scheduler service.
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            Thanks for your reply..
            It tested all, but found no solution..


            The strange thing is that when i deploy software all additional files are being downloaded correctly.

            But only the .MSI file is 1 KB in size.


            So i think it only has the problem with downloading the .msi file.

            All files are at the same location and the only problem is the .msi file


            What can i check more than the MIME settings ?

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              If you manually place all the files in the sdmcache directory on a system and then schedule the job to a few systems in the same subnet, does the job still fail?


              Restart the Targetet Multicast service on the system after manually staging the files.

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                What Landesk services are running on the client?

                LANDesk(R) Management Agent

                LANDesk Remote Control Service

                LANDesk Targeted Multicast service

                LANDesk(R) Software Monitoring service

                Landesk Policy Invoker


                Just wondering as i've found systems, that sometimes only have the

                managment agent / remote control agent

                I've also found that if the multicast service is not running i get failed to download files