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    Disable SDMcache File Deletions?




      Not sure if this is possible.

      I know you can set the discard period of files sent by landesk, say we send down a zip file to that location - then unzip the file in the same location (sdmcachce) landesk is not going to know about these files so will delete them.


      Is there anyway to stop the unziped files being deleted by a registry entry or any other means?





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          ahe Expert

          Hello Chris,


          it's a workaround only...


          You can stop the service "LANDesk Targeted Multicast", if you don't need it. (we've stopped and disabled the service because of package/patch download problems). If the service is stopped/disabled, no files will be deleted.




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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            There's a few problems though if the service is stopped.


            1 - Peer download won't work.

            2 - Targeted Multicast won't work.


            3 - And ALL files in SDMCache won't be deletedf (the TMC service is the one doing the housekeeping there).


            Chris - you are aware that you can define the duration that a package stays in the SDMCACHE if you use multicast? If you don't do it - we use the "default" values (2 days for clients / 14 days for reps). But these CAN be changed (either on a "per client" basis or for a job/package if it's sent out with TMC).


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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              Thanks for the reply.


              The systems have already got the file that in the sdmcache, so all we will be doing is Pushing a batch file to unzip and execut the setup from that directory.


              The reason we zipped up the deployment is because we had 850 odd files, and we were struggling to get the files to the stores. I then zipped it up into 1 file and were are getting a 99.9% success rate getting the file down.

              The problem we now have is we then unzip the files in the cache, landesk is cleaning up the area as it doesnt know about them.

              We will re-start the Service once's we have completed the install, as we have had situation where important files have been cleared up





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                ahe Expert

                Hello Chris,


                we stopped the service via GPO for the whole domain(s), so it is very easy to start the service again...




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                  mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                  You can always use a script or bat file to have the files moved to another folder, you can even do that after the fact, if they are still there, or as part of job.  That to me sounds like a better solution then crippling LANDesk.

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                    this is strange and only just noticed this since trying this out.

                    I stopped the Targeted Multicast service - sent a job to the system - got "Failed to download additional files" - so re-enabled and the job worked


                    So, when i was deploying to another system that i hadn't stopped the service - I got "Failed to download additional files" - so checked the services that were installed and only had the following


                    Landesk Policy Invoker

                    Landesk Remote Control

                    Landesk Managment Agent


                    NO - Landesk Targeted Multicast

                    NO - Landesk Software Monitoring


                    So I'm just doing a agent install - which has just finished installing all the services and will try the job again!


                    will let you know, as i have a case open regarding Failed to download additional files

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                      I agree, creating a batch file to copy the files to a new location on the client might be your best bet if you would like to retain them indefinintly. I would be heisitant to stop services.





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                        Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

                        On the clients that you wish to extend the discard period, navigate to:





                        DWORD is Discard Period



                        This value contains the default number of seconds that an unknown file should stay in the cache. This value is only used for files placed in the cache directory by some method other than multicast.


                        Hope that helps.