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    Monitoring CPU for all Servers in 8.8 SP2


      Just a quick question about monitoring CPU usage in LD Server Manager 8.8.

      In 8.7 it was possible to monitor CPU usage of all managed servers and set an alert on it.

      Now in 8.8 I don't see this anymore. However it is possible to set an alertrule on a single server, this is not what I really want to do.

      For memory yes,  it still is possible for all servers to set an alert on a certain value.

      Has anyone found a way to set an alertrule for cpu usage for all servers, just like in 8.7

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          Hi Rene,


          The default ruleset contains performance monitoring, so simply deploy that. Then setup perfmon through Server Manager on a single server, the way you want it set.

          Then, you need to take the activecounters.cfg file from the "program files\landesk\ldclient" folder on the server, and copy this (through a SWD job), to all your servers.


          The copying of the .cfg file is theory only, so you will need to test it out.




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            Hi Dave,


            Thanks for this nice workaround, I will try this one out.

            However it is a pitty that the functionality was there in 8.7, and disapeared in 8.8. Now we have to perform extra work in order to get this working.