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    Inventory Loosing Custome Data


      I have LD 8.8 SP2 installed, and I have configured the agent to "Manual update forms". On a Vista client, I have verified that the form is filled out and that the custom data has appeared in the inventory. When I checked the next day, the custom data is no longer in inventory. When the inventory is run again manually from the client, the custom data reappears again. If I run an inventory scan from the console, the data will disappear. The only way I can get the data to appear is to run the inventory from the client computer, rerunning the inventory scan from the console does not make the data reappear.

      Any ideas why this is happening?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So - custom data is only sent if a software scan is performed.


          I would suggest requesting the latest Inventory Service & Scanner from support - they often fix these "strange" issues that "shouldn't happen" (and custom data shouldn't get over-written).


          There's a couple of scenarios in which I can imagine this to happen (none of which "are normal" and in the category of "should happen") - so I'd suggest grabing the latest Inventory Service & Scanner (Service should be the most important one here), and see if you still have the problem.


          If yes, open a case with support, and we'll likely need a copy of your DB + Scan-file captures ... then we can have a good chance at figuring what's going on that shouldn't...


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Was this ever resolved? We are having the same issues with our Vista Machines. This is really frustrating!! We are running.8.8 SP3 and do not seem to have any issues with the other machines. any help is appreciated.


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              There was a patch created for 8.8 SP3 INV-3458388.3 that resolved Vista clients with UAC and non-administrator users are not sending Custom Data Form information in scans. Please call support and request this patch.


              Thank you.

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                Thanks for the update. I will try this patch and see if it works.