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    Remediated Vulnerabilities reports and a How To?


      Hi Everyone!  I am trying to see all vulnerabilities remediated (a.k.a. patches I applied) to a given computer or group of computers.  I have my pilot test group and I would like to get a list of all patches I've applied to them, when, etc.


      Basically, if you right click on a device and choose "Security and patch information" and then select "Clean/Repair history" - I would like to be able to click "Print" and print a report of this information; for this device or a query or public group of devices.


      When I run the Remediated Vulnerabilities canned report it only gives me (per the description) vulnerabilities that were "Remediated by the latest repair job".  Which, is really not helpful.  I *need* to see ALL vulnerabilites that were remediated by LANDesk Patch Manager (8.8 SP2, btw)


      What's even more confusing is why there's a report "Remediated Vulnerabilities by Date" and has an option for "All logged data" but yet I beleive the underlying query is only pulling the last repair job?


      Also - on a side note (I hear there is a 2 for 1 forum post special today)  Just as the "Remediated Vulnerabilities by Date" report pops up the user input dialog, does anyone know how to make this happen if I build a report myself?  Where is, or how do *I* implement this functionality?  It would be very useful.