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    Determine if Anti Virus services are installed

    chyryh Apprentice

      Hi all


      Is there a way to query devices which has LANDesk Anti Virus installed?


      We have recently rolled out LDAV, and some machines were reported as "removing existing antivirus solutions failed" . However, when physically checking the machines, most of them have the LDAV agent installed. Only that the realtime protection service is not started.


      So is there a way to check whether it is necessary to re-install the agent? Is there a way to check if the installation really failed?


      Thanks for any insight.






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          Hi Chyr,


          you can check this


                    Inventory - Security - AntiVirus Software - Antivirus  On the right side you can see Agent running and Auto Protect


          create a query


               "Computer"."Security"."Antivirus Software"."Antivirus"."Agent Running" Like "False"


          to see whether the AV service is running. Same for the "Auto Protect".


          I had some trouble with the AV service. I have reinstalled the AV client (only the AV client), but the installation failed. Best way for me was a complete new LD client installation (over the existing client). Maybe there is a better way, but I do not know it.





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            chyryh Apprentice



            Thanks for the tip. We did the same as you, created a schedule task to install LDAV only but failed. Checking the machines found some had LDAV installed but not started.


            Closer inspection of the log files seems to indicate "removing competing product" process was having problems. The environment was running a mix of Trend Office Scan and Symanted End Point Protection. Trend seems to cause LDAV installation script to stall at the removal routines. Symantec EPP ver 11 is a complete no go. Can't get the product removed and so its a completely failed task.


            After forcing inventory scans, we were able to confirm almost all machines with Trend Micro was running LDAV.


            We haven't had the chance to try re-deploying agents with LDAV enabled, primarily to conserve bandwidth.


            Thanks again for your help.