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    50% deployment failing


      Running 8.8 sp1, when deploying most jobs, I getting a 30% to 70% failure rate, but usually succeed when ran a second time.

      The errors are all ‘Cannot find Agent’, ‘Failed to establish communication’, ‘This version of the client does not support batch file packages’…

      Any ideas.

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Are all of your machines up to the same client revision level?  Are you clients all reporting inventory in a timely manner?


          Cannot find agent is either the agent not responding or it just can't find the machine.

          An error about the version of the client would normally mean there is a version issue.


          it may be a bit misleading on some of these but your first port of call should be to make sure the client revisions are all up to date and that they report regularly.


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            Hi, Thanks for reply.

            Using LD 8.8 SP2 not SP1

            All client revisions are the same( and are reporting daily ok.

            It seems to be related to the scheduled jobs, ie, when run a second time, the failures work.

            However if the same systems are then run 10 minutes later in another different job, the same thing happens, ie, 50% failure rate and all work the second time of running.