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    Mail attachments are not being added to Incidents


      When an Incident is created from an email in our system, if there is an attachment, it does not get attached to the ticket.  I have gone thru the support site and set up the Mail Mappings to use the email subject as the attachment subject, and the email attachment as the attachment.  When the system processes one of these emails with an attachment, it does not create any errors on either the application or web servers.  The system seems to be reading the emails fine since it's creating tickets, it just seems to ignore the attachment.  Any suggestions?


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          Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

          Hi Chris,


          I have seen similar problems to this before.  Have you got error logging turned on for the inbound mail service?  The event log should then give you some more informtion on what the problem is.  Could it be that the attachments are too big - greater than 4MB?  Or that they are a file type not recognised by the server - I know that sometimes pdf's won't wattach unless adobe is installed, crazy I know.