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    Query of all PCs without Adobe Reader


      Ok folks, I am a bit stumped here...   I have a query that returns all devices with Adobe Reader v3-9 installed (see attached).  NOW, what I want is to find out all PCs in my environment that do NOT have Reader installed.  Piece of cake, right? 


      I have 1000 nodes. 800 of them have Reader (per my query, for example), I want to identify the remaining 200.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Maybe I am under-thinking this (and I am not at work to run this query) but shouldn't Application not like Acrobat Reader work?

          If my logic is correct any system that doesn't have that should pop. But I could be wrong (probably am)

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            That's what I thought.  But think about it...   It just pulls any devices where appname is not Adobe-X.  Like every exe and app ever detected.  Maybe I'm over thinking it as well (or under thinking it)....

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              Piece of cake...


              11-25-2008 8-41-51 PM.png


              "Computer"."Software"."Application Suites"."Application Suite"."Name"  Not Like  "Adobe Reader"

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                Read above. There are a 'plethora' of softwares and/or exe's are NOT = Adobe ! ?


                Again, maybe I am overthinking it...?

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                  I read over the post several times, and still see one thing... the original query is just too much. Just keep it simple.


                  I read that you want to find which computers DO NOT have Adobe Reader installed, is that correct?  If so, that's what my query shows.  I know this because it shows I have over 170 computers in my 1700+ stations that don't have Adobe Reader.


                  If you reverse the query to


                  "Computer"."Software"."Application Suites"."Application Suite"."Name"  Like  "Adobe Reader"


                  I end up getting over 1560 machines that have Adobe Reader installed.


                  If you are getting additional software listed, you need to modify the columns that are displayed.  If you created a query to show which computers that DO NOT have Adobe Reader installed, no sense in having any column other than the Computer Name and OS displayed.  This will take care of all of the other applications that I assume are being listed.


                  11-25-2008 8-41-51 PM.png


                  Now if you need to know specific versions, that is where you can run in to some problems with your query structure and display results.


                  Thoughts?  Am I totally missing the point?

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                    I ran it first thing this morning, and it came back with 100% accuracy for me.

                    In my twisted logic, it is looking for the string Adobe Reader, I took off the 9 or 8 or what have you, in an effort to get all "Adobe Reader" or the lack there off. I am sure there are exceptions, but it did work for me.

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                      Application package not like Adobe Reader returns 71,000 records.  It returns every software on a device that is NOT Adobe Reader.  The reason my query to FIND Adobe reader is so complex, is because it would find acrord32 in any location, not just program files.  Also, some of the older versions show up as just "Reader" Or "Portable document format", yet the file is still acrord32.exe which is what I really want to find.  The query to find works just great, has for quite some time.  I just need to subtract these nodes from all remaining nodes.  Again, I'm probably over or under thinking it - it is kinda early and it was kinda late when I left off on it 

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                        ahe Expert



                        did you try "Not Exists" in your query tests?





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                          Just now, yup.  But it doesn't allow you to actually add the value of acrord32 so it returns all machines with a null value for file name, about 6.  




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                            What is your end goal?


                            Find what machines don't have a version of Adobe Reader so that you can install the most recent version?


                            If that's the case, then whenever you install the most recent version it will become the default application for PDF files, so it doesn't matter if it's a portable version or not installed in Program Files.


                            It just seems like you are trying to kill a fly with a bazooka.


                            Try this query on for size as well, it adjusted some of the numbers I saw in my environemnt.


                            11-26-2008 11-19-36 AM.png

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                              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                              I have found when you use "Not Like" and you have a column set to show you the applicaiton name, etc, you will end up getting a HUGE list, basicly all of the software not like Adobe...


                              What I have found to work is to use the column for the applicaiton name and then set a qualifer to set it for Adobe Reader.  Some products like Adobe might list the version in the name, e.g., Adobe Reader 8, and setting a qualifier can be hard if you want to find any and all versions, but if you use the hack here http://www.droppedpackets.org/reports/images  you can change the the qualifier to use "Like" and edit out the version number.

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                                Unfortunately, "subtracting" these machines is not a possibility given the way the query tool works.


                                Are you trying to get this list for a report? Or is the end goal to install the latest version of Adobe Reader? If the end goal is installing Reader you can use detection in software distribution, it may be easier.


                                A previous post suggested not adding the application name as a column. Have you tried reducing the columns (click the "select columns" button when editing the query) to just the device name and OS? In my tests this removes all the additional rows created by the one-to-many relationship between devices and software. I just get one entry for each device.


                                The only downside to this approach is that you can't see the application name (and thus see if your query returned what you thought it should). But as long as you verify your query is good, you shouldn't have any problems.

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                                  ahe Expert



                                  if you create a query in the Web Console, the result device list is very small...