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    Mini Scans in errorscan directory


      I have set agent config to run mini scan at IP change and have schedule the ldiscn32.exe to run during the day.


      I have noticed that mini scans appear in the error scan directory, they contain very little data.


      Is this correct and should they disappear when a full scan is run on that client


      All advice is welcome.

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          For any scan rejected by the Inventory Scan (and so move to the Error Scan folder), you should have an entry logged in the Event Viewer.

          The error logged should tell you the reason why the scan has been rejected.

          Come back with this error and we should be abel to help you



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            Hi There


            Many thanks for a quick reply


            There was no errors in the event log but i have RDP onto the server and the process mini scanned had been changed to 0 which i believe is to ignore / not process scans so thismust have caused this . i set it to 1 and drop both scan files back into the ldscan direcoty and both have processed and updated inventory scan dates etc.


            I will keep an eye on this but it looks like this was the issue.


            Would you agree that setting the ignore mini to 0 would have caused this.

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              Yes, if you configure the Inventory Service to ignore Mini Scan, it will reject the Mini Scan into Error Scan.

              So you should be fine by now



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                Setting that option to "0" accepts miniscans, setting it to "1" ignores them. If it is set to 1 then the scans are rejected outright and do not accumulate in the Errorscan folder.


                I had this issue a little while ago and found it was caused by having the DB Threads option set to more than "1". Apparently it causes the inventory server to get upset and refuse to process most of the miniscans it recieves, dropping them into the Errorscan folder. Setting it back to 1 and restarting the service "solved" the problem.