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    the renovation of the base of inventory does not occur


      Good day.

      You will excuse, my language am limited.


      My problem: the  "inventory scan" worked is not correct.


      Starting from the console of "inventory scan" causes appearance in the window of " Alert History" message about the error.

      "LDISCN32: Error in secure data transport"


      The same error returns start string "LDISCN32.EXE /L /F /SYNC /V "   at the working station.


      First time "inventory scan" sometimes passes normally. Subsequently workstation data do not change.

      Another time the data about the station are minimum (TCP/IP address, ComputerName and 4-5 fields) and also they do not change


      Core Server: Win2003En,  LDMS 8.7 SP6 (Firewall: Off)

      WS:  WinXP SP2 (Firewall: Off)


      With the respect, Dmitriy