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    Is there an inventory item to show if 8.8 SP2 is installed. . .


      In my console, in "column set configuration", I show the version of the LDMS client that's installed on the system.  I get this information from inventory under "LANDesk Management", "Common Base Agent 8", "Version".


      8.7 SP5 showed

      8.8 flat showed

      8.8 SP1 showed


      Here's the problem:

      8.8 SP2 shows   <-- The same as SP1


      Unfortunately, when SP2 was written and released, the agent version was not changed to reflect the update.  It used to be easy to look at the version in my console and know who didn't have the update (with SP1).  With SP2, that's no longer the case.


      I know I can write a query based on the machine's vulnerability to SP2.  However, I'm looking for an inventory item that indicates that SP2 is installed.  That way, I and my peers can tell which clients have not been upgraded directly from the main console view.


      Is there something else in inventory I can look at?  Or, could a fix be released that updates the version number on the CBA (which, in my humble opinion, should have been done in the first place).