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    Uninstall Office products, Troubleshooting help




           I have been tasked with removing office products to get our SLM back within tolerances.   I have setup a removal of Visio and Project and the uninstalls went successfully, but some of them have failed with the error "failed to remove package"


      When i go to these machines and attempt to remove the software manually (using the cached files and using the msi with the /uninstall, or trying to run it from the network share with the same commands)  and i recieve error "this patch package could not be opened. Verify That The Patch Package Exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid windows installer patch package"


      but if i double click on the msi, it launches and gives me the option to uninstall.  I have not gone through the process of removing it like this yet because i want to pinpoint what is causing the problem, and how i can fix it.


      any one have any suggestions on what my next course of action would be?

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          Hello Steve,


          Have you figured out the cause and solution of the "this patch package could not be opened" message?


          I have a similar but opposite issue. I am trying to install MS Access 2007 with SP2 updates and getting this message and the SWD is failing. However, if I launch the install manually Access is installed, unattended, just fine!!