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    Custom Data Form design and use


      Do folks use these and if so, please share your ideas 


      I am very interested in to designing a few to gather some info we've been waiting a long time for.  Now that we have the product, I'm eager to move forward.


      The biggest problem I predict so far is the lack of a truly 'designable' form.  Yes, it adds fields and drop down boxes, etc.  But my first enhancement request would be to add a billboard feature or perhaps just some extra space around the fields so you can type a description, possibly add your corporate logo, etc.


      I also feel that this base technology can even go the other way and be trimmed down and kind of an Instant Message system to be used amongst chosen clients


      What are some of your top uses and types of data you've been collecting and if you dont mind, include users reaction when receiving a 4 word description asking them to enter data in this grey blob?



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          egarlepp Employee

          We have used them for providing user based information attached to a system like Office Number, cubicle, phone, floor, assistant, etc...  For servers we used them to attach PO numbers, rack numbers, warranty, purchase date, maintenance info, etc..

          Generally we used it from the IT perspective and did not provide it to end-users.

          We purchased a product from Managed Planet called DTS to allow advanced features and a better interface to the end users.  It allows web based custom forms as well as other nice features for enhancing your forms...


          Hope this helps...