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    Receiving false fail when running multiple packages using LDrunner.


      Here's the situation. I have built a package that is using LDrunner.exe. in order to call two other packages. The package is working properly and runs the two packages properly (one is an MSI and the other is a BAT files), but unfortunately at the end of the install i receive a false fail. It fails at the LDrunner package. In LANDesk it reports "Cannot request exclusive semaphores at interrupt time."


      So just to clarify:


      LDrunner package contains two dependencies

        >MSI install

        >BAT file



      MSI install - successful

      BAT file - successful

      LDrunner - says it fails



      Also here is the command line i have in the LDRunner package:


      /s=<core> /i=\\<core>\ldlogon\ldappl3.ldz /noui