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    Books and Training Manuals


      Does anyone have any books and training manuals that your willing to give up. I'm new to LanDesk and just starting using it at work a month ago.

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          I don't have any books, but I would recommend that you get a computer that you can set next to you and use that as your test computer.  I use LD for hours each day, just testing and seeing what each function does.  It'll then give you ideas to look for or ask questions about...  Good luck.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Has anyone at your office attended training before?  If so, they should have the hard copy training manuals. If your work expects you to use this to any great extent it would be seriously beneficial if they put you on a course.  This is a very big product and it takes a long time to get to know it through self-study and investigation.  I absolutely agree though that you should get yourself a dedicated test system (VMWare or MS Virtual PC are perfect for this).


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              I'm using VMWare for testing, but I'm self-taught and was only introduced to LD two months ago. The actual cost for the course is $3000. Unfortunately, that is way too expensive, no money in the budget