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    WINPE Mysql driver support?


      Hi guys.. Long time no post!


      Has anyone found a way to get the mysql or sql driver support added into the WINPE image? We have a script which we are building which needs to query a mysql or sql database for for information to help with this HII  system we are building out. It's a custom solution for this environment.. In short we are going to grab the gateway and query the database to populate a bunch of variables to help build a uniform sysprep file and 1 imaging script for all sites. This way we dont need 100+ scripts and a convoluted pxe menu This is for a AD migration.. We are going to use provisioning after the fact..


      Would autoit work for this without adding any support into winpe??? Hmmmmm....


      Thanks in advance.

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          I'd use provisioning now, seems easier than writing a data mining tool. As soon as it starts talking to a database, it's time to stop thinking of it as a script and start thinking of it as an application, because mistakes can ruin everyone's day.


          If you must write an application, I'd suggest investing in a Perl Deployment Kit. Querying a database and editing a text file is after all what Perl's designed to do. Then you get a nice simple .exe that you can run from any version of Windows, including PE.