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    Failed to install package




      I've been trying to install a program on workstations via Software Distribution.  From the reading of this forum I'm using the following method:


      Policy Supported Push - To be sure that if any machines are offline they would get the files during the next policy update.

      - No reboot

      - hide all feedback from user

      - Run the package immediately


      Type and frequency of policy

      - Required

      - Once


      Batch Distribution (again recommendations from this forum)

      The reason for the batch distribution so I can add additional files.  Once the files are on the workstations the batch file will copy the Additional files to it's appropriate location.

      Everything is defaulted.


      Schedule and fired it off to a workstation.


      The files do get transferred to the workstations, the batch file executes and moves the additional files to it's proper location etc.

      The only problem is the result of the schedule task, the message "Failed to install package" is always displayed.


      The last couple lines of the log file is this:

      Fri, 05 Dec 2008 11:46:40 Installation result 8DAC4002
      Fri, 05 Dec 2008 11:46:40 processing of package is complete, result -1918091262 (0x8dac4002 - code 16386)


      Everything is completed and working properly, why the error message.  I'm using the result to determine if the application/batch file was executed properly.


      Help, please?

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          zman Master

          LANDesk Version/SP?

          I would post the batch file.

          Make sure it runs under local system account. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1645

          If all else fails - bypass/fake the return code http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2320

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            Zman to the rescue


            Sorry about that, I keep forgetting to post the Version and SP.


            LDMS 8.8 w/SP2


            Package is running from Local System acocunt.


            The actual batch file or attached:

            :: Written by ##### ####
            :: November 28, 2008
            :: Copies files to the C:\Compserv\
            @Echo OFF


            COPY /Y Authorize_Users.exe c:\Compserv\Authorize_Users.exe


            start c:\Compserv\Authorize_Users.exe


            :: DONE



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              zman Master

              So to be clear -  Authorize_Users.bat is the main package and Authorize_Users.exe is an additional file?  What I think may be happening is that when you execute Authorize_Users.exe it is never returning to the batch file. Also I'm not sure how this works since there is not a a path


              COPY /Y <PATH>Authorize_Users.exe c:\Compserv\Authorize_Users.exe


              How about removing the start.exe and just call the exe?

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                From the other thread, the instructions indicated that a path is not necessary since both files are in the sdmcache folder.  The start was added to attempt at resolving this issue, With or without the START the program gets copied and executed.

                The problem isn't the files or copy, it's the return message that indicated an error even though everything is doing exactly the way it should.

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                  zman Master

                  For troubleshooting tunr Echo ON. This will put more detail into sdclient log file. If all else fails just use EXIT /B 0


                   :: Written by #### #### 
                    :: November 28, 2008 
                    :: Copies files to the C:\Compserv\ 
                    @Echo   ON 
                    COPY /Y Authorize_Users.exe c:\Compserv\Authorize_Users.exe 
                     ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% 
                    start c:\Compserv\Authorize_Users.exe 
                     ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% 
                    :: DONE 
                     :: Always send Success 
                    :: EXIT /B 0 
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                    OK Zman you get the correct answer also.


                    The "EXIT /B 0" does resolve the Failed messages.  Which means the other commands must have exited with another error level and LANDesk is interpreting that as a failure.  I wonder why, since everything is working.


                    Well at least I know it's working.  Thanks again.

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                      zman Master

                      Cool. Authorize_Users.exe  is probably throwing a strange exit code.

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                        Now that's the true answer, see I was just testing you


                        Anyway's Authorize_users.exe is a program I wrote to ensure only certain users are allowed on a workstation.  It checks the logged on user and compares again it's list.  During it's execution it blocks all input from Keyboard and mouse.  The last line that get executed is a command to restore the inputs.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) this command returns a 1 on success.  This is the cause of the problem that I have been dealing with and with your help resolved.


                        A bad coder on my part, I supposed after staring at this for some times, it just looks all jumbled.  The solution and should have been implemented since the beginning was to...odly enough "Exit 0".