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    LDScan directory filling up / service crashing...


      Core: LDMS for Lenovo TVT running on WinServer2K3 R2

      Managed Devices: 1584


      Every time the LANDesk Inventory Server service is running, the ManagementSuite\LDScan\ directory fills up with *.scn files.

      One time, it got up to 800,000 of these files, consuming well over 25GB.


      Shouldn't these get processed by the Inventory Service and then get removed when the database is updated?


      There have been issues with the LDINV32.exe service crashing as well, so not sure if this is related or not.


      Any ideas on how I can isolate what is going or how to remedy would be greatly appreciated.


      I have tried removing/re-adding the service and have resorted to simply deleting *.scn files periodically to provide disk space relief to the server (further compounding any issues I am sure).


      Thanks in advance!