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    Question about LD88-SP2-Webconsole patch


      Can someone clarify something for me?


      I currently have the Remote Console installed on my laptop, so I don't need to sign in to the core.  Now on some occassions I sign in to the http://<coreserver>/remote (Web Console) for creating documentation and whatnot.  So does this mean I need to install SP2 (SP2a) for the Web Console, or will the SP2 (SP2a) patch that I applied for the Remote Console be enough?


      And secondly, for my remote techs/admins who strictly use the Web Console, what does the patch contain, because I have never run the Service Pack patches for the web console?




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          zman Master

          I believe the webconsole patch is only needed for dedicated webconsoles - you have a server that is just a webconsole and not a core. The core SP2 patch is all that is needed on the core.


          I think that all the changes are in the readme file for the SP2 patch. It is broken down by functional area (inventory, soft dist, etc..)

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