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    Landesk Performance Monitoring HELP!!




      We are currently running Landesk 8.8 SP2 and I have been trying to setup some monitoring. I follow the steps below:


      1. In the  My devices view, double-click the device you want to configure. The server information console opens in another browser window.
      2. In the left navigation pane, click  Monitoring.
      3. Click the  Performance counter settings tab.
      4. From the  Objects column, select the object you want to monitor.
      5. From the  Instances column, select the instance of the object you want to monitor, if applicable.
      6. From the  Counters column, select the specific counter you want to monitor. 

        If the counter you want doesn't appear in the list, click  Reload counters to refresh the list with any new objects, instances, or counters.

      7. Specify the polling frequency (  Check every  n  seconds) and the number of days to keep the counter history.
      8. In the  Alert after counter is out of range text box, specify the number of times the counter will be allowed to cross the thresholds before an alert is generated.
      9. Specify upper and/or lower thresholds.
      10. Click  Apply.


      When I browse to "Active Performance Counters" it displays "These are no monitored Counters". I've rebooted a few times but no luck



      Where am I going wrong?