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    Antivirus Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux


      Hi there,


      Does anybody knows if LANDesk Antivirus is to support Red Hat Enterprise Server any time soon? We have a big opportunity for LDSS + LDAV (+14k nodes) and it will depend on the support of LDAV for RH Enterprise servers.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          This would probably be best pursued by doing the following.


          1 - Log a case with support for an Enhancement Request (ER) for this particular feature (include the sales opportunity / estimated node-count).

          2 - When the ER is logged, get in touch with the respective regional Sales-people, make them aware of the details of the deal - and they can then get in talks with Product Marketing about implementation, timeline, etc.


          This is mostly going to be outside support (support can help by logging the ER), but thereafter, it's strictly a whole different channel that this needs to go through.


          In theory, it's possible to do this with sales channels right away, it's just a matter of smoothing the road if there already is an ER logged (with the needed details / requirements).


          That should answer your question and give you the a good direction I believe?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead