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    How to get computers in network view


      Using LANDesk 8.7.

      I haven't had a lot of experience with LANDesk and am struggling to figure it all out.  We had all our systems listed in network view, but a lot of systems had outdated info, such as systems that no longer exist or systems listed with a wrong IP address. I hoped that running a new discovery would fix this but it didn't, so I deleted the systems from network view and then ran a scan. This gives me the systems listed in UDD but how do I get them to be managed again, and listed in network view? thanks!

      P.S. There are also a couple of systems that were detected in UDD that are now not showing up.

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          Start from the beggining, you have to set an agent, and deploy it to your unmanaged device with a scheduled task or by logon script.


          Please read this very good doc on this site:


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            The agent was already deployed. Does it delete the agent from PCs if you delete the PC from the network view?

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee



              The agent does not auto uninstall when you delete it from the Core's DB.


              If the device is in UDD.  In the Console goto to Tools > Distribution > Manage Scripts.  Locate the Restore Client Records script and schedule it.  It will create a scheduled task.  Drag the device from UDD to the scheduled task and click start now.


              Also, more a manual thing, but on the client you should have Start > Programs > LANDesk Management > Inventory Scan.  If you run that twice (wait for it to finish between each runs) the device should for sure be back in the DB.

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                When I run restore client records on a system, it says it completes successfully, but it then goes into "Pending unmanaged client deployments"

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                  Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                  Well, it goes to pending unmanaged the moment you assign it to a task.  You just won't notice until you refresh.


                  What should happen is the client sends and inventory scan, the inventory service processes it, and the device is entered into the database.


                  Since the script shows successful, we have to assume the client sent the inventory scan.  So the problem may be the Inventory service not processing it.


                  Restart your inventory service (maybe it is hung and not processing scans but working only enough to recieve scans).


                  Check \\Core\ldmain\ldscan directory.

                  Do you have a lot of scans in that folder?

                  If so, your inventory server is backed up.

                  If not, check the Error Scans directory.  Do a windows file search for files containing the text of the computer name.  It may be erroring.  Also, check the Event Viewer on the Core Server as we log inventory scanner errors to the event viewer.

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                    OK great!  Going by what you said I found out that the Inventory service was stopped... not sure why, but I started it back. ran the client record restore again and the system is now back!  Thank you, much appreciated.

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                      Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                      Glad it worked.


                      Just a quick tip because you are new.


                      You cannot learn everything about LANDesk at once because the prodcut is huge.  You have to pick and choose what you want to learn.


                      Get training if at all possible.  LANDesk is an awesome product and there is a lot of amazing things you can do with it.  It is much easier to use if it you have been trained on it. Sometimes when trying to convince managers to pay for training you have to talk like them. You will find using LANDesk has a huge Return on Investment (ROI), however, if you aren't training on it, you may miss out an many feature because you don't know how to use them, that will minimize the ROI your company gets from LANDesk.  Also, there are a lot of good examples and lab guides in the training manuals that you cannot get anywhere else.



                      If you have to learn each feature on your own, then do the following:


                      Read and search the Help File on the subject.

                      Look for a Best known Method whitepaper on the subjet - there is a link on the front page of the community to BKMs.

                      Search the community for Community Articles on the subject.