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    Is there a field that flags a computer "to be removed"?


      I'm doing some reporting via an ODBC connection with Access. I've run into an situation where the numbers I get from my Access queries are higher than the numbers I get from the "Remediated Vulnerabilities By Date" report.  I've traced it to a situation where I'm getting computers in my Access reports don't even show up in the console.  My guess is that there is a field somewhere that flags which computers are to be removed after they have been deleted from the console. 


      So the question is this.  Is there a field that flags computers that have been deleted from the console as "to be removed"?


      We have a setup where we are using a core and a DB server.  There is a possiblity that there is a lag going on but I've seen computer hang on for days in the ODBC data and then just disapear.



      Am I completely off base?




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          There used to be in oild versions but not nowadays.  When a computer is deleted then it is meant to delete all information related to it.


          I can potentially see a scenario where this 'might' happen and that is if you have duplicate device ids where machine scans keep overwriting each other.  Do a search on this community to find out more.


          Out of interest, how are you recognising it is data for machines that don't exist?  Does it reference computer IDNs that aren't there or machine names?  This info may help to identify the root cause if it isn't dupe ids.



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            When you create a report in the 32 bit console it will only report on information that is showing in your active column set. The active column set can also be diminished by your scopes.


            Scenario One:


            If I have 500 machines, I have a scope applied that only allows me to see 250 machines any report I make will only be on 250 devices if I were using the default column set.


            Scenario Two:


            If I have 500 machines, I have no scope so I am able to see 500 machines but I created a column set that shows me certain information and only reports back to me 435 machines in All Devices then the report I make in the console would only show 435 machines.




            Create a default Column Set Configuration and apply it as the active for the console view. Check to see if you have any scopes other than Default All Machines and then check your number of computers listed in All Devices. The All Devices number should match how many computers you have in the computer table.


            Now run a report and see if it matches your Access Report.


            As for machines deleting out:


            This is configured on the Core under Configure > Services > Inventory > "Days to keep inventory scans". If it is set to 5 days and a machine does not send in a hardware scan to the core server in 5 days then it will be removed from inventory during maintenance.