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    Unable to install MSI


      Hi all,


      Am in the process of evaluvating LDMS 8.8(SP2).

      Am stuck with the software distribution distribution.


      LDMS 8.8(SP2) runs on Windows Server 2003 - SP2

      Client PCs are windows Xp-Sp2


      I've created a share and also created appropriate Virtual directory in IIS server.


      These are the steps i followed for the software distribution:

      1.     In the Distribution packages tab, created a new package with the MSI package option(i tried with Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003)
      2.     Didn't specify any additional files.
      3.     Didn't specify anything in the command line options
      4.     Specified local system account to install on client
      5.     Created a schedule task with the Standard push delivery method
      6.     I schedule the created task to a client PC(Windows XP Sp2)
      7.     The window appears showing the package is copied to the machine and then the process fails.


      Am i missing out any steps ?


      I've enclosed the log file.




      Kumaran Alagesan 

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          Can you install the software as local system



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            zman Master

            In addition to what Ty indicated:


            1. The viewer is an exe - xlviewer.exe. I would just run the package. xlviewer.exe /Q
            2. Seems like you expanded the exe. There is more to this package than the msi - cab files, etc.. 6 files. So you you will have to use additional files since it is just downloading the msi. The msi runs and says hey give me the cab file, and it is not there.


            So either use additional files or just run the exe.

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              Hi Zman,


              Thanks for your reply.

              You are correct, i did extract the exe file but now i tried by adding the cab by click on the "Auto Detect" option available in the "Additional Files" tab.

              Two files were auto-detected and now when i try to deploy the MSI file, i get an error stating the additional files can't be downloaded to client.


              Also if i use the EXE file to push the software., Silent installation doesn't happen.

              The user logged in the client is prompted for inputs though i have suppress notification to client in the feedback tab of the delivery method.


              Kumaran Alagesan

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                zman Master

                So if you want to use the straight exe.  Line is:

                 xlviewer.exe  /Q /C:"setup.exe /qn

                /qn is standard MSI command line switches.  So you would use just the xlviewer.exe. If you want to pursue the msi, then:


                Personal preference, I like UNC for MSIs.  I would:


                1. Post the sdclient log file for the job from the client.
                2. Delete the msi from your sdmcache on the client.
                3. Reset the hash on the distribution job.
                4. Restart job
                5. Try again.
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                  Hi Zman,


                  Should i define the below


                  xlviewer.exe  /Q /C:"setup.exe /qn

                  in the command line space of installation/uninstallation options





                  Kumaran Alagesan

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                    zman Master

                    Sorry, just specify

                    /Q /C:"setup.exe /qn

                    In the command line options. Xlviewer.exe is the main exe. Be sure to specify exe as distribution package.

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                      Hi Zman,


                      Thanks a lot for ur reply.

                      I did try the steps you suggested and still no success.


                      I've enclosed a pdf file which has the screenshots of the Package creation & Scheduled which i did, which would give you a clear idea of where am going wrong.

                      Am getting a wrong syntax error in the client PC.


                      Files enclosed:

                           1. Steps performed till now.pdf
                           2. error1.JPG



                      Kumaran Alagesan

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                        zman Master

                        Page 1 second screenshot - Command Line reads:


                        /Q /C:"xlviewer.exe /qn"


                        Should be:


                        /Q /C:"setup.exe /qn"


                        Use setup.exe.  BTW, good info from someone just evaluating.  I wish others who have been using LANDesk for years would post information such as this about their issues.

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                          Thanks a lot for your help.

                          The command line parameters you specified helped me in resolving the issue is had.


                          To add up, i tried to distribute Adobe Reader 8. Found in one of the LANDesk community to use the Adobe customization tool, which worked well and the installation succeed.


                          I also have a few other queries for you,

                          1.   How to identify if these parameters would work with any exe ?

                                    (because i tried to distribute WINRAR, i tried with WINRAR /? in the command prompt which initiated the installation)


                            2.     I also read about the LANDesk package builder tool., How to create a package with LANDesk package builder tool for a silent install ?


                          Help on this would be highly appreciated.



                          Thanks & Regards


                          Kumaran Alagesan

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                            zman Master

                            So there relly is no defacto standards in command line options - more art than science.  MSIs have a set of command lines, exes have their own, etc... Good site to use is appdeploy, especially Software/Package KBs. Most command line options are listed.  Example look at Winrar http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=308 and expand command lines.


                            Package Builder is pretty much end of life and is only their for backwards compatibility. I'm guessing it will soon be replaced by something else in the new version. It uses snapshopts (last resort). Snapshots are not the best way to package. For simple scripting I would use AutoitScript, Batch or VB.

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                              Hi Zman,


                              Thanks a lot for your support.

                              I also tried deploying office 2007 with the Office Customization tool which worked pretty well.


                              To add on, I did try to distribute WINRAR(followed the link you specified with appdeploy.com)

                              Created a EXE package

                              Scheduled it and assigned it to XP-SP2 clients but it fails with errors.


                              Appdeploy.com specified to define /S(http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=308) for silent installation, which i did.


                                   Error on the LANDesk Console: 




                                   Error on the XP client: 





                              I've also enclosed the log file from the LDMS core server.


                              Appreciate your help on this.





                              Kumaran Alagesan

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                                zman Master

                                One, I would recommend opening a new post for each of these new issues. Makes searching and solving problems faster.


                                The error inst32.exe error is from a LANDesk Package Builder Package. So I would check and make sure the package type when created is EXE, and the package is NOT a LANDesk Package Builder (SWD) package. I downloaded winrar from here http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm and ran it with /s and it worked.

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                                  Thanks a lot ZMan.


                                  Your support is much appreciated.

                                  I've been through many technical community sites but never got a quick n prompt response as you did.

                                  Saved a lot of time for me.


                                  Merry Christmas


                                  Kumaran Alagesan