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    Software updates for Mac.


      Our organization is in the process of integrating approximately 50 Macintosh computers into our existing IT desktop management structure. The piece of the puzzle we are trying to work out is managing the software updates and patches for the Mac. We are looking at 2 possible options:


      1) setting up a Mac OSX server and using the Software Update service. This seems to be the most straight forward solution but would meet with the most resistance as we are primarily a Windows shop and the group that manages our servers do not really want to take on a Mac server.

      2) Somehow using the software distribution feature of LDMS. We presently us LDMS but I have not found any real information on if/how it can be used to get software updates and patches to Macs.


      If anyone has done this or can point me in the right direction to get more information, it would be greatly appreciated.

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          If you have LANDesk Patch Manager, you can scan for vulnerabilities and push out patches to your Macintosh computers just like you do on your Windows machines. Otherwise you could use a software distribution task to push out updates to the Macs.

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            Hey ctharps,


            What version of LANDesk are you currently using?


            It is possible to use software distribution packages to deploy updates if you can source the installation files and appropriate installation commands, however the main overhead for you here is the amount of effort it will take to do this for X number of updates/patches, thinking realisticaly that X could be quite a large figure and will be an on-going process as new ones are released. If you need guidance on creating software distribution packages for MAC search the community for a BKM or give me a shout and I'll source one for you.


            Are you aware that LANDesk patch manager allows you to download definitions to detect and remediate MAC application and OS updates? This would save you all the hassle of creating packages as LANDesk does the work for you. When it comes to deploying the associated patches for the definitions it uses the same underlying technology as software distribution so you have the Push, Policy, Peer Download & Targeted Multicast capability.


            Obviously you will have to consider the undesired OSX Server against the 50 node subscription cost for Patch Manager. If you would like further information on the Patch Manager component or indicative pricing for Patch Manager licenses, feel free to contact me on blair.kingsley@networkd.com with your company/contact details and I will get one of our representatives to contact you to discuss.


            Best Regards

            Blair Kingsley

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              Thanks for the 2 replies that I have received so far. This has given us somewhere to start. We will be moving to LDMS 8.8 in the new year. From a management standpoint, Patch Management seems like it may be the better LDMS option as it requires less manual intervention. We will be looking into the additional licensing cost for Patch Management for the Macs versus a Mac server to do the software/patch updates.



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                Just to clarify, Apple's Software Update Server service may not be what you think it is. All it provides is a local mirror for software updates and allows you to enable or disable a given update for everyone. It does not push updates, it still requires that someone run Software Update locally on each machine or by running the softwareupdate command via LANDesk or ARD. This is nothing like WSUS