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    How to troubleshoot Inventory?


      Please explain the Inventory process and how to troubleshoot it?


      We were trying to use LanDesk 8.8 SP2 to query for Trend OfficeScan.  We were installing updates and wanted to know how many were left.


      Well, my computer DEFINITELY has the new version, but the inventory doesn't find my computer.  The query is accurate, because it finds others with the same version.


      I went and did a manual inventory on my machine, but it still doesn't show up in the query.


      So now I am not trusting the inventory!


      I have 666 in total machines, with over 100 (from what I can see) reporting incorrectly.


      How do I find out what's wrong?





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          In this paticular case you have updated PC's with Trend Micro and are creating a query off of it, correct?


          What I would do is create a full software scan script that can be launched from the 32 bit console. This way you can force the scanner to gather the software update for you and you would have more success with your query.


          In the console go to Distribution > Manage Scripts

          All Scripts > Copy the "inventoryscanner" script or just edit it.

          On the Machines_WIN at the end of /NOUI add a /F and /SYNC

          Save the script and right click to schedule it.

          Drag and drop your machines onto the scheduled task and start now


          Once that is complete check your query again and let me know how it goes.

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            Thanks for your help.  Before I do this, can you please explain how this method is different from the inventory scan that runs daily?


            It seems as though we are taking the original settings for the scan and changing them, but it's not clear to me what the differences are.


            Maybe a bit on how the Inventory process works would be a good primer?


            Thanks again,



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              Hi Scott


              There are 2 different types of inventory scans.


              A hardware scan that runs based on the settings in your Agent Configuration (this could be daily, hourly, weekly, whatever you chose).


              A software scan that runs daily (by default) based on the settings in Configure > Services in the LANDesk console. You can only get to Configure > Services using the cnsole on the Core Server, a remote console will not let you in there. Go to the Inventory Tab and click on the Software button, this is where the frequency of the Software scan is set.


              This is from LANDesk Hep:

              About the Software scan settings dialog

              Use this dialog (Configure | Services | Inventory tab | Software button) to configure the frequency of software scans. A device's hardware is scanned each time the inventory scanner is run on the device, but the device's software is scanned only at the interval you specify here.

              • Every login: Scans all of the software installed on the device every time the user logs on.
              • Once every (days) : Scans the device's software only on the specified daily interval, as an automatic scan.
              • Save history (days) : Specifies how long the device's inventory history is saved.


              What csalisbury has asked you to do is to force a Software scan to run immediately.


              Hope this helps.



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                zman Master

                So there are numerous components (server and client side) that makeup the inventory process. It is a somewhat complex process and there is not enough space to fully describe it here.  Some things I try to do is figure out what side of the fence the process is failing on - client or server.  This will help you narrow your troubleshooting.


                • First thing I do is see if the scan is getting to the core. I run a scan interactively (2-3 times) from the machine in question, then check the core. You seem to have done this, however, I would try to do this 2-3 times. Some issues duplicate device remediation take a couple of scans to fix the problem. Review how and when the scans are running on the client (check localsched.logs and make sure the scan is running).
                • Turn off all firewall, HIPS, and Antivirus softtware. Run Inventory scan.
                • If that does not work, I check and make sure the client has the latest versions of the inventory scanner (c:\program Files\landesk\ldclient\ldiscn32.exe) and associated files (ldappl*.*) , If not update from core.  Troubleshoot why they are not being updated. Run scans after files are updated.
                • Run inventory scan with /debug switch. Just append it to the shortcut for inventory. Check log in c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\data\ldiscn32.exe.log
                • Check machines application/system log for errors.
                • Run a inventory scan to file, manually dump file in the ldscan folder. 
                  • "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE" /F /O=c:\invfull.scn
                  • copy c:\invfull.scn to \\core\ldmain\ldscan folder. Scan should be processed and be removed from folder, if not restart core inventory service/troubleshoot.  
                  • Check console to see if record has been updated.
                  • If not check the \\core\ldmain\ldscan\errorscan folder for the file. If it is there then the scan is being rejected by the Core's inventory scan service.
                • So now the fun part. Finding out why the scan has been rejected. First check the core's application/system event logs for errors associated with the scan. These errors will help you narrow down the area. Could be many items (duplicate device ids, corrupted scans, etc...)


                I probably missed a step here and there since this is from memory.

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                  I'm getting Results:  Not Specified


                  What does that mean????

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                    zman Master

                    Can you be more specific? What did you do and where are you getting the message?

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                      I was asked to do a few more inventory scans:


                      So I went to the Devices -> All Devices > right clicked on my machine > inventory scan.


                      A/V and XP firewall OFF.




                      Thanks, Z!


                      (the learning curve on this product is terrible....   Thank goodness for all who have assisted)

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                        zman Master

                        When I indicated to do an inventory scan interactively, this means to go to the machine (physically, RDP, or LANDesk Remote Control) and run the inventory scan from the shortcut.  As in all troubleshooting, you want to reduce the number/amount of layers that may get in the way of diagnosing the problem.  So inventory always starts at the the client, go there to start. You need to see what is happening on the client. Is the scan failing to run at all (local scheduler), running but failing (inventory scan dies), running and completing but can;t get to the core, gets to the core but is not processed, etc...


                        The learning curve is very good compared to its competitors (I've tested man of them).

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                          OK, so I did the scan (my computer didn't have the shortcuts, so I copied them - weird, because I have the console on my computer as well as the agent!)


                          Seemed to run fine.....and then closed.  Was I supposed to get a report on screen?


                          Went to LocalSch.log and it said:


                          $(TMCCacheDir)\preferredservers.SERVERNAME.dat 86400
                          Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:26:32 launched "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\purgefile.exe $(TMCCacheDir)\preferredservers.SERVERNAME.dat 86400"


                          nothing about scanning.


                          What am I doing wrong?

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                            zman Master

                            So the shortcuts not being there may be an indication that the client did not get installed properly. The inventory scan, depending on switches, will just show a small gui and then close.  The localsch.log is a rolling log so if there are no entries there for ldiscn32, then check LocalSch.old. Should see something similiar to:


                             Sat, 13 Dec 2008 06:08:32 Starting process: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LDIScn32.EXE /NTT=CORENAME:5007 /S=CORENAME  /I=HTTP://CORENAME/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /NOUI



                            If not there then you need to check your client configuration to see when you are telling the client to do a inventory scan.


                            So did the device in the console get the a new inventory scan? You can check this by double clicking on the device, and checking right hand pane:

                            Last Hardware Scan Date

                            Last Software Scan Date

                            Last Updated by Inventory Server

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                              According to the Inventory on the console:


                              Last Hardware Scan Date - 12/29/2008 1:05:43 PM

                              Last Software Scan Date - 12/29/2008 11:11:01 AM

                              Last Updated by Inventory Server - 12/29/2008 1:06: 06: PM


                              I'm totally confused now.....

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                                zman Master

                                So the inventory is being updated, that is a good thing. Software by default is only updated once a day, unless you use the /f switch.  I think you need to post more information about the query (screenshots, what you are looking for, where, etc..)

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                                  OK, let's back up a bit:


                                  1st:  A whole bunch of info was offered for troubleshooting the inventory, and none of it seemed to SHOW me anything.  We finally decided to look in the scan to find the last time scanned for the software, hardware and update inventory.  All the other steps gave us no information.  Are we just giving up on that troubleshooting process?  If so, why?  I have one indicator that somethings working and a whole bunch that isn't telling me anything.  Meanwhile my querIES aren't working because...............


                                  2nd:  I have a couple of very simple queries that are looking for machine name of the IT department.  That query was working fine, now my machine isn't showing up in the query.  No changes have been made to the query.  Which brings me to..........



                                  3rd:  We have 667 devices in house.  Just about all of them rec'd the updated installs, according to the Trend report.  LANDesk shows:


                                  649 have Trend installed  (seems low)


                                  62 have old Trend

                                  568 have current Trend


                                  630 altogether..................  where's the other 19?



                                  4th:  Obviously I'm not the only machine with problems, problems, problems.....


                                  Thanks again for your responses.



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                                    zman Master

                                    1.  I provided a series of steps to troubleshoot the inventory process. I'm not sure what steps were followed and the outcome. From the last post, the inventory scans are being processed and recorded in the DB, hence the updated last fields.  If you have other devices that are not being updated, they will have to be researched. There are several ways to see what machines have not queried in x amount of days.


                                    2. You indicated that the inventory ran and was reported in the console. I requested the query information since this is the only way to figure out your problem.


                                    3. Can't assist without looking at the query.19 devices may be off, not scanned in X min/hours (this depends on how your client is configured), or a software can not ran yet.


                                    So without the query information, there is nothing we can do. Do the other machines "missing" from the query have a recent hardware/software inventory scan?  Is the query being ran from the core or a rollup core (usually a rollup is one day behind)?

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