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    Error in ServicePortal - View Report


      We are running LDSD 7.2.6 with Integrated Login and since this is a new install for us ( 1 month ago) we are still testing all functionality before going live (3 weeks away). I have noticed that when in the detail of an Open Incident I get an error when clicking on VIEW REPORT. I'm not sure I even need this feature but I can't even have a look to see if it's something I need or want. Can someone explain what it's for and why I might be getting this error? I'm having difficulty finding any info on the View Report option for the Service Portal.




      Please see attached Print screen

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          Hi Alison,


          The View Report link in ServicePortal loads a Crystal Report containing the Incident details, this report can then be printed if required.  When correctly configured this report is normally the same one that you see when you click the Print button in ServiceDesk.


          The reason that the report isn't loading for you is because the report hasn't been configured to look at your database yet.  You do this by opening the report (default location is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ServicePortal\reports\Incident.rpt) in Crystal Reports and using the 'Set Database Location' action.  We recommend that you don't use your normal database login for this, you should create a user with read only access to the database.  Alternatively, if you don't want ServicePortal users to be able to produce the report delete (or rename) the report file.


          Hope that helps to explain it, there's a number of handy documents here on the Community that should be able to help you with any other errors you may hit while configuring the reports.





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            Thanks Lara that worked. I was able to go into the Incident.rpt and change the Database Location so now the report runs properly.