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    Novell to Active Directory migration


      Hi folks,


      We are currently a Novell shop with each PC being in the local WORKGROUP.  We are migrating to Active Directory.  We also have 1000 + nodes, most of which have duplicate SIDS due to Ghost.


      We NEED to run SysPrep on these boxes. ( I know there a lot of other ways - for this question, we need to run SysPrep)


      I was thinking of using LANDesk profile migration.


      Saving the profile info the the LOCAL drive

      delete the LOCAL profile

      CREATE a DOMAIN profile

      Then importing the saved profile.


      SIZE is always a factor.

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          don't use landesk profile migration. landesk os deployment or provisioning are good frameworks to work with, but you'll get better results using microsoft USMT or Lenovo SMA to do the profile migration.

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            zman Master

            Just my two cents....I have tested/used all profile migrators listed and they are all problematic - and this was from old machine to new machine in the same domain. Many calls to Microsoft about USMT have made me a little more gray haired.


            So moving from N to M is a pretty big project, and our company did this a couple of years ago.  We looked at a lot of the different possibilities, and decided to go with a fresh image. You may have different requirements and political factors. One big reason is that we wanted the project to be succesful. So we looked at keeping our current machine image and just hack the crap out of it. To me this was like building a new multi million dollar house but using the foundation from an existing older house. Yeah it would work, but down the road you will bound to have problems. Long term not good.  Yes there is newsid, sysprep ontop, ghostwalker, scripts, moveuser, etc..., but I think starting clean is the way to go (also, many of those 2rd party utils are not supported by Microsoft). Also, I think all the probelms with the conversion, my map drives no longer work (yes they are pointing to an old novell server, but users don't know that), some apps need to be reinstalled even after the conversion, etc... negate the quick win of converting the old to new.  Troubleshooting is also much easier without always wondering if the conversion is the cause.


            Create a new image using sysprep, work on a plan just to move the user's data and some critical settings, etc... In the end you and your users will be a lot happier.



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              Thank you, both of you.  Very informative and helpful.  Looks like I'll be looking into the USMT.  Like you say about MS support and 'political' decisions, they do play a role where I'm coming from - but is only understandable.  Looks like we're kind of bound to using Sysprep as opposed to any of the other methods and apps out there.


              Looks like I'll have to get the latest Setup Manager and USMT.  Thanks Gentlemen!