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    WinBuilder script for bootable XP ISO with LANDesk Remote Control


      After a bit of reading, a few phone calls and several quiet nights at home, I have version 1 ready!  You will need to download Winbuilder to build the CD, this script will do the rest for you. You will need an XPSP2 CD, Winbuilder, MagicISO (or something to extract a few files from ldvpe1.img) and this script. I am testing this for Vista but the boot time is too slow for me to get too excited about it.  This is GREAT for remote booting vPro machines and doing an IDE redirect to an ISO.  You can add as many tools and goodies as you like or keep it as slim as you like.  This is a quick 'alpha' release so there may be bugs.  I recommend building a few ISO files first with the goodies you want, BEFORE selecting the LANDesk script.  Once you get the routine down, add the LANDesk script and let it fly. The .script file should be placed in the Miscellaneous folder under the LiveXP Projects folder.


      WinBuilder with LiveXP Project: