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    A La Mode?


      Happy New Year, All,


      Just going over the LDAppl3.template and ini files.  Colleague spotted the MODE function.  The standard seems to be Mode=Listed, meaning (according to my understanding of reading the template file) that any executable file in the LDAppl3.ini file will be collected (and I assume, available to be inventoried).


      So, I am still working on my Trend issue, and figured I would look for my NTRTSCAN.EXE file in the .ini file.


      Guess what? It's NOT there!  BUT... I CAN inventory the Trend file.




      Please explain,






      (ps..  sorry for the a la mode line... the mind wanders a bit sometimes...    )

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          We also get executed files using Softmon.exe.


          We also get files in an Application when we use collector.exe to look for applications.

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            Is there a simple way to determine what method is collecting/reporting this information?


            If we want to collect something that isn't there, is there a preferred method?  I am learning about the ld3appl.ini file and that's the only way I know right now.


            Thanks for answering my questions.

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              Not simple.


              If an executable is executed, softmon.exe adds that executable to the registry.  So you could look at the client registry to see if it is executed.


              If an executable is in an Automatically Discovered Product, then you can find it by clicking on the Automatically Discovered Product.

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                zman Master

                You could add NTRTSCAN.EXE to SLM. Also I believe Trend is one of the vendors LANDesk picks up automagically in the Inventory Security | Antivirus Software | Antivirus.

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