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    PXE Rep redeployment question


      We are currently running LDMS 8.7 SP 5. We are preparing a major expansion of LANDesk to our new corporate offices after a being acquired. It has been recommended by me that we locate the Core server in the new company HQ since that is where the most managed systems and help desk staff will be located after the expansion. The new company requires extensive in house documentation be generated as part of all IT projects including references to official documents to back up all assertions.


      If the Core Server is moved to another office or a new Core is built at the other office all  PXE representatives must be redeployed. This is because the Core server IP Address and/or server name/ FQDN has changed ( as well as the certificate in the case of a new server) and the  PXE representatives must be updated with the new information.


      Can someone either point me to official LANDesk documentation that addresses this specifically or a LANDesk technician please confirm in this thread with as detailed description as possible that it is so and why that it is? This is for inclusion in our own documentation and my managers want a reference to LANDesk documentation that backs this up.


      I have been through the LDMS deployment and user guides, Best Known Methods documents and even the  HDL docs as well as searched extensively in the LANDesk Technical Community and while there are many references to redeploying the  PXE reps any time changes are made to the  WinPE image, none of them specifically address the above issue which is what my bosses want.


      Thanks in advance!





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          bnelson Employee

          Sounds to me like you have a firm grasp on why it is that you would redeploy the rep. I doubt that LANDesk has any documentation that gets all the way down to the many reasons you may have to redeploy a pxe rep and personally your bosses should accept that you have written documentation that makes sense and not require vendor docs to support your reasoning.

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            Yes, we add the .0 file and the Core Server's name to the All.reg file.


            In 8.7 we used to use UpdatePXEBootImages.exe do make this change, but I cannot find that executable in 8.8 SP2 so I am not sure what is happening in 8.8.  Maybe that executable is only used when we have to replace the ISO with a Service Pack, which we haven't done in 8.8 service packs.


            Anyway, if you move the Core Server without a rebuild, as long as the PXE Reps can hit the Core at its new location (DNS and everything now points to the new IP in the new location) then you don't have to redeploy.


            If you build a new Core Server and name it the same but make sure to use a different key name so you can copy the keys from your old Core Server to the New Core Server (so it would have both sets of keys) then you would also not need to redeploy your PXE Reps.


            You probably want to grab the LDVPE1.IMG from you old Core too as you have probably added drivers to it and modified it.

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              Thanks to both of you for replying. LANDesk tech support told me that we would need to redeploy all PXE reps in either scenario. I forgot to mention that the new HQ location would also change the FQDN becuase the the new HQ office is on a different domain. We are in the process of collapsing our former domain into their domain so in any case the FQDN would change. Our DNS is fairly reliable and up to date. The HQ office has DNS issues though. So wouldn't the best practice be to redeploy the PXE reps?. Thanks again.

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                Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                This document is somewhat descriptive


                How to restore the WinPE Image



                Again, as long as the Core Name is the same, and the new Core Server has the old Core Server's Key, you don't have to redeploy them.


                However, if you are adding a bunch of additional machines due to your merger or whatever, you will probably have to update the WinPE image with new drivers which may lead to redeploying the PXE Reps anyway, so that would probably really nullify this who discussion.

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                  Thanks rhyous. That was of the many docs I examined already, but I will look at it again in any case.


                  We had to modify the All.reg file to point to the current IP address of the Core were it is presently located to allow clients at the new HQ when PXE booting  to resolve the Core from the PXE rep in their location because of the DNS issues there. So at a minimum we would have to change that entry which would require redeploying the PXE reps even without new drivers added to the WinPE image.


                  I appreciate your help, and I am not trying to second guess you, but I just wonder why LANDesk tech support would tell me that it was a requirement and a best practice if it really isn't necessary in the circumstances you detail.


                  Thanks again!