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    OSD and Vboot




      I've been trying to use VBoot to image our workstation, and before I forget: We are on LDMS 8.8 SP2 single core server and Ghost Solution Suite 2 (Ghost 11).  SQL Server on another blade.


      Everytime I try to image the computers, I get as far as the screen saying "Receiving 11534068, need 4210896 resent".  The computers will then sit at this screen and wouldn't proceed any further.  This shouldn't effect the Multicast Representative, but I check there anyway.  There's are no files that was transferred to that server.


      The workstation continues to display the message and the FDD activity light is on.  If this works, this would leverage our current imaging process where we have to physically power up the machines and then perform PXE imaging.  VBOOT and scheduling would allow us to image machines remotely.


      I've attached the script that I'm using.  Hopefully someone skilled with this process  can shed some light on the topic.  I searched the forum but came up empty handed.  Google saw a LANDesk thread pointing to another person that encountered the same issue I'm having.  Link below:




      Unfortunately the thread haven't been updated sin June 2008, either the person solved the problem and not updated the information or it is still unanswered.



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          zman Master

          I would post the log file for the job so we can take a look.

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            The log file is attached but there's some interesting things I've discovered during this process.


            • The image is stored on the Core server
            • During the run, the image is copied from the Core Server to the Prefered Package Server


            The copy process from the Core Server to the Prefered Package Server is taking exceptionally long time.  Our image is 6GB, the copy process ran for 12 hours and only completed 1GB.


            In my setup I have 3 folder that's synchronized nightly (patches, packages, images)

            • patches is synchronize and is configured in Security and Patch Manager (patch location)
            • packages is synchronize and is configured in Preferred Server.
            • images is synchroinze but is not configured anywhere inside LANDesk.


            Is there a way to tell the task or script not to copy the file down but rather point to the image on the prefered package server?  This would speed up the process I'm trying to achieve.