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    PXE boot problem - IBM 8188-46M won't get DHCP but other models will..!!


      Hi All,


      Not sure if anyone has a fix but perhaps someone out there has experience with this one.


      We're currently trying to setup provisioning for some of our older IBM PC's (8188-46M), however they refuse to grab a DHCP address from our PXE rep. Newer models from Lenovo (e.g. M57, R500, R61) are all working fine (grabs IP, provisions, etc). So we know it's not a problem with the LD PXE rep.


      From the boot up screen on the IBM it appears that the PXE 'code base' is the same (Ver 2.1) but this could be just a red herring.


      We've double checked the BIOS and it is up to date and of course due to the age of the model it's no longer supported by IBM / Lenovo.


      Any one out there have an idea as to how we may bet able to get it working?





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