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    Physical to virtual


      Hi guys,


      I am looking at upgrading our server from LANDesk 8.7 SP4 to 8.8 SP2A


      I have been through a lot of individuals cases on here and have tried to understand all of the issues people have experienced, etc. Given the small number of issues people have had and also given that some people have had problems with the upgrade I have decided to use VMWares P2V to clone the environment, deploy it, apply the upgrade and SP and then review the results before touching our production environment.


      I was wondering if anyone else had done something similar to this? and could provide some guidance i.e do I need to stop any services for example the inventory service as this is actively populating the database and I did not want to disrupt/corrupt this when cloning the machine. The VM process is not intrusive but I am unsure what to expect in the database after the cloning process if at differen stages during the process there is data being populated into the LANDesk inventory database.


      Thanks guys