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    Automate image Deploymeny without user action


      Could anyone explain the proccess please



      I have images on my landesk share i can build a PC using PXE boot which is great...But i have users in a remote office with no IT skills


      I have the MAC address of all the PC's can i use this to install the image as soon as the PC comes on the network ?

      I read something about importing the mac address to do this function



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes you can do this.  You can use CSVIMPORT.EXE on the core server to import the list of machines.


          If you do this, you can try to send an OSD job to these machines (they will fail since they aren't on).  If your machines come in configured for PXE boot first, then they will boot to PXE, see a job was sent to them that has not completed, and then they will perform that job.


          You will need a PXE rep for the remote subnets though.


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