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    Produkey.exe picked up as a threat? (ldms_client)


      After installing ldms_client last week and pushing it out to a pile of clients I have found that Symantec AVC 10 is detecting produkey.exe and denying access. I don't mind it denying access so much as I'm not interested in the product keys but even after switching the product key gathering facility off I'm getting Symantec warnings at the client side.


      Is there anyway of removing the produkey part of the ldms_client program?

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          Yeah, just turn it off at the core (Start > All Programs > Monkeynoodle > ldms_client > Configure ldms_client, uncheck produkey). To delete the file, send a managed script to run a delete.


          If you still want produkey functionality, I wonder if you can trick Symantec by leaving produkey on the core and giving a UNC path to ldms_client? I know that works for getting license keys, I just don't know if it'll shut Symantec up.