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    Gateway Appliance


      My gateway PC died over the weekend and someone has stolen my CD so I can't reinstall it. I went to download the ISO and found that it's been end of lifed.


      What I had more of a shock is the price tag on the applicance product. How do I justify this expense when we had a solution running on an old pc that was fine for my requirements?

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          I bet it costs less than two of the laptops that it's intended to protect. Say three or four if your organization buys really cheap laptops from the home-user line. There are some shops where a single laptop would cost more.

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            Not sure how much it costs over there, but for around $3,000 you get a lot. The ISO was getting to difficult to support on different hardware. Also, the appliance has numerous advantages over the ISO.


            • Includes built-in automatic update capabilities to let you keep your appliance up-to-date.
            • Includes built-in system backup and recovery to ensure your configuration and logs are always available.
              • Choose weekly or monthly backups.
              • Backs up to two redundant internal disks for maximum security.  
            • Better performance than the ISO.
            • Depending on how you were running the ISO it is supportable.


            As Jack stated the cost of 2 laptops. Vendors always EOL products for many reasons, this is one that is EOL.

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              All very true.. It's about £2,000 here at the moment..


              It's just £2,000 vs Free (Old 1U server loaded with the ISO) is quite a step and not something I can't easily get signed off in the current climate.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Yes, but it's also "Free and not seen any development for close to 2 years now" (if memory serves) versus "up to date, patched and updated + has integrated restore functionality" and so on.


                It's a bit dangerous to compare / assume that they're "quite the same thing" just that one costs money vs the other one being free. It's a bit more of a case of "old apples" vs "current apples + some extra", so to speak .


                The ISO is useful to get acquainted with the LDMG and/or if you're interested in trialing it - so it still has its use cases. But the limited hardware support (which is getting a bit more difficult as time continues to move on) is already one good reason why the appliance is better.


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                  Can you now have multiple remote desktop connection open at once? The current gateway only allows you to remote to one machine at a time, which we find a real pain.

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean - because even the old LDMG allowed for multiple connections.


                    It's in fact pretty common for me to have 2-3 sessions open to the same customer (Core Server, Client and DB-server being the usual suspects) ... yes, I need a new window of the RC-console if I want to make a 2nd connection, but the LDMG isn't stopping me from making multiple connections.


                    Does this answer your question/concern ...?


                    Or are you talking about multiple consoles connecting to the same client (in which case, yes, this is something that we don't currently permit), though .


                    If I misunderstood, can you please run me down the use-case that you think we don't provide functionality for? Thanks.


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                      Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                      I apologize that you are in this situation.  The decision we made to not support installing the gateway on your own hardware any more has affected you in what appears to be a negative way.  I want you to know that because we don't have to develop the gateway to work on every platform and we don't have to spend so much time working on drivers, we are able to enhance the gateway in other ways.  Since our developers who work the appliance also do the Mac and Linux agents, they are now free to spend more time enhancing those agents.  This decision was best for everyone in the long run.  Again, I am sorry it is affecting you now.


                      I would send you a ISO if I could, but I cannot.  All internal copies were supposed to be deleted last march and everyone went through and deleted any internal known copies as well as any copies that were public or on the self-service portal.  I haven't even been able to find it internally.


                      The physical CD-Roms that where sent out back when may still be floating around.  If you could find your CD-Rom then I assume you could get it installed again.  But we no longer hand out the iso or CD-Roms to anyone, no exceptions.  If you already have an ISO or CD-Rom, you can use it at your own disgression without any assistance from LANDesk support.


                      I want you know that the appliance is much better, much more stable, and has numerous fixes that come down through auto-updates. It would be worth getting.  It is highly likely, though not for sure, that the ISO version won't work with our next release of LDMS.  So it could be possible (though again, not for sure) that you would need the appliance to upgrade to our next version anyway.

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                        Right click on a managed machines and select 'Management Gateway Remote Control'. When you do it a 2nd time it reports 'This machine already has a connection with the remote computer'

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                          phoffmann SupportEmployee

                          Depending on which scenario you mean, it should be one of two things (have to fill in a fair few blanks here, since short descriptions are prone to leaving a lot for interpretation).


                          My guess - A device is already being remote controlled, and a 2nd person wants to remote control it as well.

                          => This scenario we do not permit at the moment, we only allow 1:1 connections at present.


                          If this is a feature you desire / need, you may want to log an enhancement request for this (along with an explanation as to context, this is very important). I do believe I've seen requests for something like this flying about ... so it's possible that there's other requests for this.


                          Another guess might be that you've got a problem after remote controlling a device you run into a problem when trying for a 2nd remote control session. That would be rather unusual, and most likely something that should be resolved by updating to the latest Service Pack (I vaguely recall there being something similar a rather long while ago).


                          I hope I got your particular scenario down, if I should have misguessed, please specify in more detail what you do (I do apologize that while it may appear quite obvious to you, there's a lot of way to interpret your description) .




                          Paul Hoffmann

                          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                            We are talking about remote control via the gateway... Controling 2 internal machines is not an issue.


                            Once you have one connection to the management gateway (Right click, enter management gateway user name and password etc).


                            It says 'Attempting to contact remote computer on gsb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'


                            The LanDesk Remote Control software will not let you start another one.


                            On opening a 2nd one you get the same but the next line states 'This machine already has a session with the remote computer'


                            Pick any machine to manage and the same error.. You must close the first connection with the gateway.


                            What we normally do is leave it open and click the connect/disconect option and pick another device from the 'Start Connection' dialogue.