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    LANDesk agent & vPro is not functioning after the agent installed


      The porblem is after the agent is installed completely from the core server,  the AMT function of the client machine can not be seen from the LANDesk server console.


      Detailed description as below for this issue.

      vPro Machine: Lenovo ThinkCetnre M58p

      AMT Bios: 5.05.0010

      Server O.S :  Server 2003 R2

      Landesk version: LDMS 8.8 with TVT plus sp2A

      Testing field:  SMB - 1. DHCP  2. OS and Intel ME are the same static IP and host name setting.

      Client O.S: Lenovo preload XPP


      Overall Structure,

      Setup the vPro entironment - Server's Web broswer can connect to AMT device and running normally.

      i found,

      1. At the LANDesk Server, the unmanaged device can found out all 4 testing machines as AMT group.

      2. From LANDesk server push the Landesk agent to 4 AMT machines.

      3. Found 2 of 4 are ok, work normally both on vPro function and Agent remote control function.

          another 2 machines has problem which is can't find "remote control" & "vPro function" at right click menu in the LANDesk inventory machine list.

      4. try again, same problem, same these 2 machines has such problem.

      5. compared 4 machines, their hardware and software, BIOS, FW version are all same.

      6. At the 2 problem machine, the Server web browser(exclude LANDesk) can still run AMT function which means AMT function is still working.


      Don't know what exactly the problem is, will it becasue ofLDMS8.8 is not compatible with AMT 5.0?


      i really hope could get support from you, LANDesk expert.


      Thanks in advacen!!