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    Scan for a specific file and return file path?


      I've seen a few discussions and documents relating to inventory scanning for a specific file, but I haven't found how to make Landesk list the path for that file. What I'm looking to do is see where on the computer a file--alttiff.ocx--is located (or if it exists at all). Any tips on how to do this? Our machines are all communicating through management gateway, so I can't just push out scripts or whatnot to them.

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          You rarely need it nowadays - it's a relic from the past - but the mechanism exists to do this. Look at a machine's inventory under Software - Package. Each "package" (that's a misnomer really, made sense in the distant past) is really the description of a file, with attributes including the file's full path. So if you can somehow persuade the inventory scanner to scan for the ocx that you are looking for, in addition to the other files it's already scanning for, you have a solution.


          Here's how to go about it:

          1. In the core server's ldlogon folder, edit a file called ldappl3.template. Near the top, there a line that reads ScanExtensions. By default, the scanner only scans for .exe files. If you want it to scan also for ocx files, add .ocx to the list.
          2. In the LDMS console, go to Software License Monitoring, Inventory, Files, To be scanned. Right-click and select  New File. Specify the filename (alttiff.ocx). The gui also forces you to specify a file size (specify 1, this is a wildcard), Product, Vendor and Version (specify X). The product, vendor & version that you specify will probably be ignored because the scanner takes the info embedded in the file if available.
          3. In the icon bar of the Software License Monitoring plugin, click the  Make Available to Clients icon.
          4. Force a full inventory from a client that has the ocx. The file should be listed under Software - Packages - <product name>, whereby <product name> is whatever product name is embedded in the ocx.


          If it doesn't work, here are a few things to check:

          1. Don't test this with an OCX that is part of the OS (i.e. has product name = Microsoft Windows). The scanner ignores these.
          2. After step 3 (click  Make Available to Clients), check the ldappl3.ini file in the core's ldlogon folder. You should see the modified ScanExtensions line in there, as well as a line for the OCX that you added.
          3. After step 4 (scan), check the ldappl3.ini file on your client (c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\data\ldappl3.ini). It should have been updated from the copy in ldlogon.
          4. The scanner will pick up the file only when it does a software scan. By default, if it's already done one in the last 24 hours, it won't do another one. Force one by adding a /f command line parameter.
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            Cool, thanks. Turns out I don't need it in this case, but I'll file this away for future reference.