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    ldselmon using 25% CPUs permanently


      Hello LD-Pros.


      I took over responsibilyty for an SBS2003 3 months ago. The server is configured as DC and MX. Since I didn't set up the maschine, I have to deal with a bunch of malconfiguration. I noticed the process ldselmon.exe sucking CPU usage of atleast 25% permanently. With 2x DualCore Intel Xeon 5110 (1600MHz) I find this not normal. I couldn't find any configuration interface for LD though - probably because I'm not familiar with it. The only thing I found is the Intel Active System Console, which shows me alerts (yellow triangels) that I can't get rid off. Its software update function does not work either - "can't check for updates...". I even added *.landesk.com to trusted sites.

      Any hints for good documentation or how to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated.


      Please excuse my English.




      Bernhard Stumpf