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    very strange issue


      Hi all,

      We recently went from ver. 8.8 sp1 to sp2 ,shortly after, I noticed the Management Agent service was missing along with some files in the Shared Files folder.  We were able to copy the files back and reinstall the service, but since then, we have had issues imaging machines.  Imaging itself works, but the file permissions on the machines seem to be all screwed up, causing all kinds of errors for regular users when running applications (works fine for admins).  These images were working fine before the upgrade.  I guess the questions is, could landesk be causing this?  I'm not sure if it is a landesk issue, but this started hapenning after the upgrade.  Any ideas?


      Thanks for your time,


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I'm assuming you're talking about your clients here?


          Have a look at the following ... that should sort you out.



          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Sorry, I should have been more specific.  This was on the core server, the clients appear to be ok.  Everything else was working fine after the upgrade (software deployment, remote control, etc.)  The only issue was imaging because of these files and service missing from the core after the upgrade.  Could landesk affect file permissions (such as WINDOWS, etc.) when deploying an image somehow?  Thanks for your help Paul

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Hmm - no, not really. But - at least if the management agent is gone on the Core, it's not terminal.


              It's a problem I've run into on and off since ... uh ... 8.1 ... HIGHLY irregular (1 call or issue that I see on-site a year or so) but it does keep on creeping up ... not got the faintest what causes it - but it should be pretty easy to fix if it is what I'm thinking of.


              The following steps may resolve this issue (these are all different ways of getting the same thing done):

              1.  Run "residentagent.exe /register" from the "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\" directory

              2.  Run WSCFG32 /F to get that CBA8 service installed on the core.

              3.  Creating an ESWD package (it was LDMS 8.1 in this case) to install CBA 8.

              4.  Right-click on the CBA8INST.MSI and select "install" or run it via MSIEXEC.

              5.  Run "RAINSTALL.EXE /INSTALL /FORCE" from the core's LDLOGON directory.



              ==> Note - I'd recommend starting with with step # 5 -- this is a bit of a "brute force" re-install of CBA (and thus the management agent) and has so far sorted this thing out for me, every time (the other steps are listed for completeness). I would make sure having a backup though ... in case that there's something else borked, and we don't want to break things any more than they are.


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead